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Do not follow the trend, convey the concept of the brand, the aesthetic form and the aesthetic lifestyle of modern people, and design a series of home products. Provide the market with a differentiated lifestyle and interpret the high-quality aesthetic life advocate-RINGCHEN.

Style form

The overall style of RINGCHEN is simple and delicate, extravagant but not luxurious. Through the design composition of different spaces of "dots", "lines" and "surfaces", it finds the balance between the elements, and creates unique products with different forms of combinations and collocations.


RINGCHEN pays great attention to the expression of Shen Yun in the process of R&D and design thinking. We present the products as a whole through different combinations and combinations. This is usually the material, color, texture, pattern, and text that cannot be described and predicted.

Design thinking

In the process of mixing and matching, we have always followed the overall harmonious combination, not limited to a single product, and committed to achieving the overall spatial visual effect with its own unique attributes. Of course, there should also be delightful changes, with unconventional elements. The category of fashion or art itself also includes these changes and personalities, balancing the conflict between tradition and avant-garde, fusing symbols, colors, materials and finishes.


Through diversified innovation, we will continue to think about research and development of new products that can not only lead the fashion trend, but also meet the needs of different tastes, and provide environmental home aesthetics to stimulate people's life emotions, and create the most suitable high-quality life for loving beautiful things. Home products.

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