The End

My maid comes to me today morning and says we’re all going to die today. I go – huh? Is this something to do with what they were talking on TV yesterday about the world coming to an end? And she says – yes, yes. Thats what they’re saying. I told her – I dont think we’re all going to die today. At least I hope not. Wouldnt that be a shame.

And what a fit beginning for Armageddon, I’d have to say. The sky’s turned a shade of dark gray, rain’s started falling this early in the morning. Thunder rumbling somewhere in the back ground. You know how it is at the end of the world. I’ve seen plenty of hollywood movies to recognize it instantly.

Some years back, a person from where I live too predicted a similar end of the world BS and thankfully he was wrong. What about today? I hope the prediction doesnt come true cause I sure as hell dont want to die today. Or any day soon.

I’m feeling jittery already. Oh crap.

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  • sushubh


  • Shaliya

    LOL. Feeling happy for my maid though, she was all so panicky.

  • Rinchen

    Hey, look – its the end of the day and we’re all alive! Yay :)

  • Zion

    So after all we didn’t end up being sucked into the black hole, huh? Great! Now I can go home and kick someone’s ass. I hope the excerpts of the chat session [copy-pasted below] explains what I’m talking about:

    me: today’s the day they are going to re-enact the big bang
    boyfriend: yeah, i read it in the paper this morning
    me: just in case we all get swallowed into the black hole, i want you to know that…
    [after a few agonising minutes]
    me: …my last wish was to kick ur ass for… [censored] 😉
    boyfriend: grrr…. in that case, see you in next life!

    Rinchen, when you say a person from where you live had once predicted the doomsday, do you mean the guy who goes by the initials of RCP? 😉

  • Rinchen

    Hahaha… I’m curious to know about the censored part 😛

    Yep – RCP and none other. What great prediction. Although happy to be alive.

    P.S. When my maid prattled about The End, I didnt know about the experiment. I’ve got to watch the news more often.

  • GWBE

    Ha! There are some days I have wished the world would just end in a second. Ragging in NITC and the darn electrical workshop endterm were some of them.

    I am glad that it’s been a long while since I wished for that :)

  • Deepak

    @Rinchen @GWBE I see the Electrical Workshop topic spring up every now and then. What’s the deal? Why are you all scared? 😮

  • Rinchen

    Remember wearing V-shaped dupattas and bathroom slippers to college during ragging period? Insane.

    Well, there used to be a really evil prof manning the electrical workshop. Used to scream at us for even breathing. You must be knowing him 😉

    I used to hate the Mechanical Workshop with all that filing and sheet metal stuff. My rectangular box eventually became trapezoidal during the exams! 😛 I suppose I should be grateful that I passed anyway. Hahaha…

  • sandeep

    congrats for surviving armageddon :)

    btw … one of my daydreams till recently was a big bang or epidemic affecting only the ‘y’ chormosome with the obvious exception of urs truly and some of his very clsoe frnds :) wow!

  • Rinchen

    Wow! That would instantly make you very highly in demand, wouldnt it? :)